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How to ensure great service on the busy outdoor terrace

With these three tools, you're well on your way to ensuring guests receive excellent service during the outdoor season, even during peak times.

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Favrit Team
Finally, outdoor terraces have come to life, and people flock to sunny bars and restaurants. We can all agree that the very best experience is personalized and prompt service, but in a world where staffing isn't limitless, there are some effective tools that maintain service levels and maximize revenue. We've organized the tips based on how busy it is, but feel free to mix and match as you see fit!

During peak hours: Scan and order

For the busiest outdoor terraces, ordering on your own through the traditional "covid-method" via a QR code can be perceived as very good service. Guests order what they want, pay, and receive their food and drinks as soon as they're ready.

When it is not as busy: Use our digital bill

We call this QR code 2.0. The waiter opens a tab at the table and adds food and drinks. If guests want to add extra orders but the waiter is busy, they can do this through their mobiles. Everything ends up on the same tab. Perfect when you have enough staff to take orders yourself.

During slow hours: Pay the bill

The waiter opens a tab at the table and takes orders as usual. When guests are ready to leave, they can scan the QR code and pay without having to wait for the waiter.