A flexible and modern POS system for food courts

Favrit is the one system you need to handle orders across all food and drink vendors in an efficient and easy way.
Used by all major food courts in Norway

The best guest experience

Favrit brings all drink and food vendors together in one system. Let the guest order by the counter or on their mobile phone.
System to handle
You are always online
sales in 29 sec.
Handling the queue faster
The POS system for food courts

Easier and more profitable for all vendors

We have built a system that makes your life easier and more profitable, whether you run the entire food court or a single food vendor

The fasters, the simplest and most flexible system for food courts

Favrit runs on ipad, mobile or pc. The POS itself with screen, cash drawer and possibly printer takes up very little space. No training is needed.
Take orders over the counter or let guests order using their mobile
Guests can find all the menus across all locations on their mobile phone - and order in seconds
Favrit is used by all major food courts in Norway
Dashboard mockup

NEW! Favrit insights - providing you with more loyal guests

Gain actual insight into your guests' buying pattern, so you can easily optimize your operations. Who are your most profitable customers? How many will come back?
Many guests standing in line at a nightclub. On text posters above 3 of the guests there is information about the number of visits, and how much they tend to spend. This illustrates the insight one gets with Favrit POS system

Why Food Courts Love Favrit

There is a good reason why all major food courts in Norway choose Favrit. We make life easier and business more profitable
“It is so easy to use. Even new staff without experience can get started right away”
Kathinka, Manager
“Our employees get a seamless experience regardless of how the customer wants to order”
Warehouse 11
The Food Court
Martin, CEO
“Our guests often tell us that they love how easy it is to order with Favrit”
Warehouse 11
The Food Court
Martin, CEO

Try the guest experience of the future

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