The fastest POS system for bars and nightclubs

Favrit is built for speed. Handle orders faster than ever for increased revenue. With Favrit, you also gain unique insights about your guests - enabling you to optimize your operations in a whole new way.
The most professional venues use Favrit

No one is faster than Favrit

Favrit is designed in a way that lets you handle the queue faster than ever before. And so that you can always keep selling.
Sales in 29 seconds
Increased revenue

Everything you need from opening to closing

With Favrit, you get everything you need in one system. Favrit is also the fastest point-of-sale system for bars and nightclubs.

The fastest and most flexible system

We let you handle the queue faster than ever before so that you can maximize revenue during busy hours. With both WiFi and 4G/5G, you're always ready to sell, and if you need help, our support is available whenever you're open.
Faster than anything else with unlimited terminals
You don't need any special equipment - Favrit runs on everything
You're always online, and can quickly set up an extra checkout point
Dashboard mockup

NEW! Favrit insights - providing you with more loyal guests

Gain actual insight into your guests' buying pattern, so you can easily optimize your operations. Who are your most profitable customers? How many will come back?
The bar is full of people standing and talking. There are also three text boxes that show the customer insights Favrit offers, such as average purchases, who is best customer and how often a guest visits.

Why bars and nightclubs choose Favrit

Bars and nightclubs using Favrit have no doubt. We make everyday life easier and more profitable.
“We have increased revenue by 37% due to speed and solutions offered by Favrit”
The Dirty Floor
Elias, CEO
“After just a few minutes with the system all our employees were ready to sell”
Stopp Pressen
Nancy Sofianou, Bar Manager
“With Favrit we get more time with guests and it ensures quicker and better service”
ZIP 4020
Stig, CEO
“The speed of the system lets us handle the queue super quickly and sell more”
Food Court
Kathinka, Manager

Try the guest experience of the future

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