The fastest POS system for festivals and events

Favrit is built for speed. Handle orders and queues faster than ever — and increase turnover.
The biggest festivals and events choose Favrit

Chosen by Palmesus - and dozens of other festivals

Favrit's system is equally suitable for the biggest festivals - such as a smaller festival or concert. No matter the size, you can expect a simple system that provides more sales and more insight about your guests.
1 sale
in 6 seconds
sales in 29 seconds
uptime. You are always online
The POS system for festivals

Easier and more profitable operation of your festival

With Favrit, even new staff can sell immediately. Och du kan handleer het bar queue sneller enn.

The fastest POS system - handling more transactions per minute

At a festival, it's all about handling the queue as quickly as possible. This is exactly what Favrit was built for.
Unlimited number of terminals per POS
Turn off tip buttons to save seconds
Fewer clicks on POS per sale
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Simple and use - and you're always online

We dare to say Favrit is both easier and more flexible than anything else you've tried. Even volunteers who have never worked with a POS system before are ready to sell in seconds.
Super easy user interface - get started instantly
Always online with battery and wifi + 4G/5G
No chaos with wires. Use iPads and terminals

Favrit Portable - Sell anywhere

We let you sell to guests, even in the middle of the crowd at a concert. With our product Favrit Portable - the bar is where the guests are at all times. A better experience for the guests - and increased sales for you.
Here you can see Favrit's portable bar among the crowd at a concert in Stavanger. Favrit Portable bar lets festivals take orders everywhere

Why Festivals Love Favrit

Festivals using Favrit all agree. We make their life easier and business more profitable.
“The people at Favrit are very professional. And the support we got was world class””
We love the 90s
Amir, Bar Manager
“Favrit is so easy to use that even new staff could start without any training”
Blue Frost Festival
Guri, CEO
“We have increased the revenue by 37% due to speed and solutions offered by Favrit”
The Dirty Floor
Elias, CEO

Try the guest experience of the future

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