5 ways you can use the tool to increase profitability tomorrow

1. Determine which events give you the best profitability

Do you want to test new events? Perhaps a Quiz on Wednesdays and Jazz on Thursdays? Now you can see what actually works. Compare different events and see which one is most profitable.
Are existing or new guests attending?
Who is spending the most money?
Are guests returning in the following weeks?
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

2. Measure the impact of campaigns - and do more of what works

Perhaps you want to test a social media campaign to attract more new guests? Or encourage people to visit more often? Now you will know if the campaign contributed to exactly that - and you can do more of what actually works
Focus on the channels that drives most people
See how campaigns impact the average spending
Test with different target groups to see who is growing your business

3. Let your best employees take care of your best guests

Which days and at what hours do your best and most valuable customers visit? Those who often come back and spend the most? This answer is now available in seconds on our dashboard - and you can easily plan shifts accordingly.
Have your best employees working when the best guests are there.
Do you have someone particularly good with new customers?
Optimize the work schedule like never before.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

4. Optimize the menu for long-term profitability

Do you know today what your most loyal customers love? We do! This way, you avoid removing a dish that may not be on the best-seller list but actually attracts your most profitable guests, time after time.
See which guests like what.
Avoid removing dishes that regular guests love
Optimize for the long-term picture

5. Find the optimal price point - where you earn the most

By analyzing purchase data, you can identify price points that resonate with your various target groups, adjust, and find the golden point where you maximize profitability.
When can you increase the price?
When should you lower the price?
Which products can bring in more revenue?
Dashboard mockup

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