A flexible and modern POS system for cafes

With Favrit, managing orders, payments and the operation of your cafe will be easier than ever. Letting you focus on giving your guests a great experience.
Used by small and big venues
POS system for cafes

Easier and more profitable

Favrit gives you everything in one system and is the fastest, most flexible and easiest POS system for cafes.
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No expensive special equipment

You never have to depend on a master POS or invest in heavy equipment. Favrit runs on ipad, mobile, pc and the equipment you already have today.

Simplest and most flexible system

We dare to say Favrit is easier and more flexible than anything else you've tried. No training is required, and you always have an extra POS in your pocket.

Faster than everything else

Favrit is built for speed. Paying via integrated terminals, tips with pre-made rates rather than entering numbers make it easy for guests.
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Making it easier to offer a great guest experience

Regardless of where and how they want to order.
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As seamless as Netflix and Spotify

Bring your phone, an iPad or any other equipment to take orders. All sales and updates are shown immediately on all devices.

Optimize your menu in seconds

Adding new products, changing the price, or changing the order only takes seconds.

Increase in tips

Terminals with tip buttons where you don't have to enter amounts manually, makes you handle the queue faster and increase tips.

Why cafes love Favrit

Cafes using Favrit all agree. We make life easier and business more profitable
“Getting started was super easy, and I love how user friendly Favrit is”
Cloud Café
Kristina, CEO
“We reduce costs while simultaneously increasing revenue”
Catena Restaurante
Erik, CEO
“Favrit is so easy to use, that even new staff do not need any training”
The Food Court
Kathinka, Manager

Try the guest experience of the future

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