A flexible and modern POS system for restaurants

With Favrit, managing orders, payments and the operation of your restaurant will be easier than ever before. We let you focus on the guests and maximize profits.
Used by the most professional restaurants
The POS system for restaurants

Making business easier and more profitable

Favrit is built to give you more time with guests. We help you when it's busy, whether it's telling you which table needs help, or letting guests handle the payment when you're busy.
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No expensive special equipment

You never have to depend on a master POS or invest in heavy equipment. Favrit runs on iPad, mobile, pc and the equipment you already have today.

Simplest and most flexible system

We dare to say Favrit is easier and more flexible than anything else you've tried. No training is required, and you always have an extra POS in your pocket.

In need of an extra POS?

Just take out an iPad or your mobile phone. Perfect when its busy during high season and you have more people to work.
The POS system for restaurants

More time with guests - providing a good experience

We know how important it is to get the service at a restaurant right. And we are there to help you.
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As simple and seamless as Netflix and Spotify

Bring your phone, an iPad or any other equipment to take orders. All sales and updates are shown immediately on all devices.

Handle the bill in 10 seconds

With our unique hybrid solution, you can take care of all orders, while guests can fix the bill themselves if you are busy. In just 10 seconds.

29% increase in tips

As a waiter, you get more time for guests where it matters most. We see our customers have an increase in tips of 29%.

Increase profitability with our unique hybrid solution

With Favrit, guests and waiters can order a digital bill. A. You'll never miss a sale again.
Let guests order an extra beer in 3 seconds
Let guests pay the bill in 10 seconds
Spend time where it matters most

Why restaurants love Favrit

Restaurants using Favrit all agree. We make their life easier and business more profitable.
“We reduce costs while simultaneously increasing revenue”
Restaurant Chain
Erik, CEO
“We have reduced the cost of employment by 1 hour every day after switching to Favrit”
San Sebastián
Restaurant Chain
Sebastian, Restaurant Manager
“It is so easy to use. Even new staff without experience can get started right away”
Food Courts
Kathinka, Manager

Try the guest experience of the future

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