Get paid for campaigns through Favrit

Through the Favrit platform, suppliers can offer campaigns to venues using Favrit. Giving you a completely new revenue stream.
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Collaborate better with your suppliers
New revenue sources

How it works

With our unique product library, you get a much better menu, and opportunities to join profitable campaigns. Good for you and your guests!

Create top-quality menus - in seconds

With the product library, you can easily fetch images and descriptions of products directly from suppliers. In seconds, you have an updated, top-quality menu.

Get paid for campaigns through Favrit

Favrit allows suppliers to offer sales campaigns through our platform. This means they pay you more money than before.

Increase your revenue

In other words, we let you work as before, but save you time spent on menus, and give you a new source of income.

Try the guest experience of the future

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