Let guests pay in any way

At Favrit, we are focused on providing guests with a great experience. Whether they prefer to pay with their mobile, card or cash - we got you covered
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Female waitress takes order by the table at a restaurant. She takes the order on an iPad with Favrit POS system. On the table there are two male guests in their 30s
Full flexibility

Handle payments the way you and your guests prefer

Let guests pay with their phone, card, or cash. Or a combination of these.

Mobile payment

With their mobile phones, guests can pay with Vipps, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a digital bank card stored on their phone.

Card payment

We support all major cards, and we have both integrated and non-integrated terminals for card payments.
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With our integrated cash drawer, guests can of course also pay with cash.


Guests and companies can pay with our new invoice solution, sending everything directly to accounting.

Try the guest experience of the future

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