A modern POS-system for restaurants, bars and events

Time to choose a POS-system? Test the market's fastest, easiest and most flexible before you decide
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Favrit runs on everything - always

Favorite is like Netflix. Or Spotify if you like. You can run Favrit on everything,
and all sales and updates appear instantly on all devices.

No need for a POS master

Like other modern platforms, Favrit is a POS system where you can access everything from anywhere. All changes are automatically updated everywhere.

Easiest and most flexible system

We dare to say that Favrit is easier to use and more flexible than anything else you've tried. New staff can get started right away.

In need of an extra POS point?

When busy, all you need is another iPad of smartphone to get an extra POS. Perfect for the busy high season.

NEW! Favrit insights - providing you with more loyal guests

Gain actual insight into your guests' buying pattern, so you can easily optimize your operations. Who are your most profitable customers? How many will come back?
Customer Insights

What type of venue do you have?

Our platform is designed to give the hospitality industry a better tool than what you're used to. Get to know the solutions we have for your venue.


Fast casual or fine-dining? Favrit will bring the guest experience to another level.

Bar and Nightclub

Favrit lets you handle orders faster and maximize revenue during the busy hours.

Food Courts

Connect all vendors in one system, making it easy for both you and the guests.


Offering the fastest solution for festivals. And super easy to use, even for new staff.

Favrit integrates seamlessly with your systems and software

We make sure everything runs smoothly from Favrit and to the software you use.
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Why the Hospitality Industry Loves Favrit

Restaurants, bars, and festivals using Favrit all agree. We make their life easier and business more profitable.
“We reduce costs while simultaneously increasing revenue.”
Chain of Restaurants
Erik, CEO
“We have increased revenue by 37% due to speed and solutions offered by Favrit”
Dirty Floor
Elias, CEO
“We have reduced the cost of employment by 1 hour every day after switching to Favrit”
San Sebastián
Chain of restaurants
Sebastian, Restaurant Manager
“With Favrit we get more time with guests and it ensures quicker and better service”
ZIP 4020
Stig, CEO
“It is so easy to use. Even new staff without experience can get started right away”
Food Court
Kathinka, Manager

Try the guest experience of the future

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