Unique offerings from Favrit

Never miss out on a sale again

With Favrit, the waiter welcomes and starts all tables, just like before. At the same time, guests can take over simple tasks if the waiter is busy.

A shared bill between the waiter and the guest

Guests can order to the same digital bill that the waiter adds to. Both parties can see what has been ordered at any time.

Guests can order an extra beer in 2.9 seconds

Things don't have to stop even when the waiter is busy. Simple tasks, like ordering an extra beer, can be done by the guest in 2.9 seconds.

Guest can pay themselves in 10 seconds

Nothing is worse than waiting a long time to get paid. With Favrit, you can let guests handle the payment themselves in 10 seconds. And get higher turnover

Results you can expect

We have restaurants that have been using the solution for over 1 year now, and the numbers speak for themselves.
Increase in revenue
Increase in tips

Try the guest experience of the future

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