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Why you should choose a modern and web-based POS System

In this article, you will discover the 9 key benefits you gain with a web-based POS system, just like Favrit.

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Favrit Team
To help you understand the value, we've compiled a simple list of the key advantages.

1. No Master POS or access restrictions

A cloud-based POS system like Favrit is much more similar to all the other platforms you are accustomed to, such as Netflix, Spotify etc. What we have in common is that, like them, you get access to everything, everywhere. There are no restrictions on what you can view or edit, whether you're on your mobile at home or at the restaurant's POS.

2. No Special Gadgets or Unnecessary Equipment

You don't need any special equipment to use a modern POS system. Your mobile, iPad, PC, and all the tools you already have will work. This saves you money and the environment from buying heaps of equipment that won't be used for anything else.

3. Edit and modify from wherever you are

You can sit at home on your iPad and modify the menu, adjust prices, or make other updates. As soon as you hit "save," all changes are updated everywhere, including all the cash points. You don't need to restart the system; all updates happen automatically.

4. Automatic updates from Favrit - on all devices

When we launch a new improvement, it becomes immediately available to all Favrit users. This is an advantage both because you gain access to all new technology and also a significant advantage if errors or problems arise that need to be corrected quickly. Refresh your browser or update the app, and you have access in a blink.

5. 4G and 5G as an Offline Solution

If everything is in the cloud, what happens if the Wi-Fi goes down? It's not a problem because the offline solution is that it automatically falls back on the regular and very stable 4G or 5G network. In that sense, you no longer need to call it offline; you are always online.

6. Quick replacement of equipment if damaged

We all know that accidents can happen. If the iPad stops working, it's not a problem to pick up your mobile and continue there. Or run to the nearest electronics store to find a replacement iPad, PC, or similar. If you have time, we can, of course, handle it the old-fashioned way by sending it out to you.

7. Real-time sales statistics

With a modern POS system, you see all the numbers live and continuously instead of waiting until the end of the day. You don't have to wait for reconciliation, and speaking of reconciliation, read the next point.

8. No Nned for daily reconciliation

Everything is integrated, so you don't need to do daily reconciliation. It happens automatically.

9. Adjust Sales Points Continuously as Needed

With Favrit, you can easily turn on and off which sales points you want to use. You have an overview of all sales points and can toggle self-service, take away, pick up points, etc., on and off. Like everything else, this happens automatically.

Automated Updates, Cost Savings, and a Seamless User Experience highlight why modern technology is crucial for optimizing business efficiency and profitability. By embracing these innovative solutions, one can not only adapt to constant changes but also leverage a system that provides a competitive edge in a tough market.