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4 tips for setting up Favrit for christmas parties

With Favrit, it's super easy to toggle features on and off. Here, we'll show you how to set up Favrit during the holiday season.

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Favrit Team
Get ready for Christmas parties! With the Favrit POS system, it's easy for restaurants to toggle features on and off. Here is how to best maximizing revenue during the Christmas party season.

1. Try Unibill: Guest and waiter can order to the same digital bill

Now, both the guest and the waiter can access the same digital bill. During the Christmas party season, this means you can set up the following options:

  1. The waiter takes all orders, while the guest handles payment with a unique QR code that goes directly to the bill.
  2. The waiter takes food orders while the guest handles drinks and payment through the unique QR code.
  3. The waiter takes all orders, but the guest can add or pay if they can't reach the waiter.

2. Let companies pay using invoice

Favrit has invoicing as a payment option. Ensure that this is activated so that companies and larger groups wishing to book with you have the option to pay by invoice.

3. Mobile ordering for drop-ins, Waiter ordering for bookings

To ensure that those who have booked tables receive the best possible service, you can display QR codes and allow self-ordering for walk-in customers. This is especially useful if walk-ins are seated in an area where it's challenging to keep track.

4. Split Bills and Merge Tables

With Favrit, you can easily split the bill for guests who want it. You can also merge or split tables. Perfect for the Christmas party season where a company may have multiple tables, or there's a lot of movement around.