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5 simple tips to promote your christmas party

What kind of campaigns work leading up to the Christmas party season? Here are 5 simple tips and tricks to help you during the peak season.

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Favrit Team
Christmas time is approaching, and it's crucial to maximize revenue during this season! Therefore, we've challenged the marketing team at Favrit to share their knowledge about the campaigns that work during the Christmas party season. The result is a quite manageable list of 5 simple tips and tricks that you can start with today.

1. Email to all customers

Let's start with the most classic and something we know works. Set up an email to all the email addresses you have access to and send them a reminder to book this year's Christmas party. Here are some very concrete tips for content.

Subject Line: Research shows that the optimal length for a title is a maximum of 9 words. If you want to use emojis, the scientific quantity is a maximum of 1. Keep the subject concise and trigger curiosity to open the email. Examples: Revealing this year's Christmas party menu, Christmas party seeking a group of friends, Christmas party season is almost fully booked - last chance now, Are you Team Pinnekjøtt or Team Ribbe?

Content: Remember what you want to achieve with the letter and build the story around it. It's about finding the balance between how much information is needed to book a table and how much is needed so that it doesn't become too much information. Example: Even though the Christmas party season is still a long way off, planning is in full swing here with us. There is already a significant demand for tables, so we thought to make sure all of our previous customers have the opportunity to book a table before it's too late.

Clear Conclusion: Make it as easy as possible to book a table. Either by allowing them to reply directly to your email or by including a link to your booking page. Have a clear conclusion summarized in where they can book a table.

2. Make it easy for businesses to book Christmas Parties

Create a toolkit specifically for "office Christmas parties" that highlights how easy it is to choose you as the Christmas party destination. You can send it to businesses, put it on your website, or promote it on social media (see point 4). Important things to emphasize include; space for large groups, invoice options, good service and food, a good atmosphere, etc.

3. Giveaway on Instagram and Facebook

A classic recipe that works. When creating a giveaway on Instagram or Facebook, it often gets extremely good reach because people engage in the comments. So, you will get more attention around your restaurant.

How to do it:

  • Figure out what you want to give away, for example, a Christmas party for 4 with exclusive drinks.
  • Upload a suitable image of Christmas party atmosphere or Christmas food.
  • Include instructions on what, how, and when the winners will be drawn. Note that there are separate rules for this, and you are not allowed to encourage people to like and share the post. So, it might be wise to encourage them to comment to win.
  • Draw a winner. To make it completely random, we usually use Google's generator where you enter the number of responses and draw a random number.

4. Easy advertising on Instagram

Advertising might sound difficult, but it can actually be quite simple. Decide on an amount you want to spend and test if you get any extra bookings. Start, for example, by testing with 100 kr. Make sure to narrow down the target audience to be near where you are located so that you don't waste money unnecessarily. Also, make sure you send the user to a booking page so that they have the shortest possible path to conversion.

You can find the advertising tool on your Instagram profile. You'll find it under the main profile and "Advertising tools."

5. Remind customers to book Christmas Parties

Promote Christmas parties to customers in your restaurant. If they are satisfied with the evening, there is a good chance they would gladly choose you for their Christmas party. Here are some ways to do it: Put up a poster in the restroom promoting booking Christmas parties, add it to the signature on all emails you send out, write it on the payment page in Favrit. This is possible if you allow your guests to pay with mobile, make sure that the waitstaff mentions it to guests if appropriate, write it on the chalkboard in the restaurant if you have one.

Bonus for the More Advanced: Buy Keywords on Google

To ensure that you appear first on Google when people research Christmas parties, it's wise to purchase keywords. This is a bit more complicated than social media ads, but for those familiar with Google Ads, it's just a matter of getting started. Here's some exciting statistics for you to play with:

People start searching for Christmas parties on Google as early as the last week of August/first week of September, so start your advertising early.