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Starting a restaurant requires careful planning and becomes easier when broken down into several steps. Here are 9 steps to succeed.

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Favrit Team


For over 20 years, Delicatessen has been offering the best local ingredients combined with fantastic Spanish food and wine. When visiting one of their five restaurants, it's not just about tapas. You get a holistic customer experience with excellent service and a friendly atmosphere. To provide an even better customer experience and optimize operations through digitization, Delicatessen entered into an early partnership with Favrit.


Delicatessen was one of the first restaurants to collaborate with Favrit, starting in 2019 as a pilot project for outdoor seating in Fredrikstad. When Norway was shut down in March 2020, and contact tracing suddenly became a necessary priority, Delicatessen had to figure out how to continue operations with reduced capacity. They decided that the only right thing to do was to go "all in" with Favrit. The system was rolled out across all five of their restaurants (indoor and outdoor) and on all menus.


Delicatessen's collaboration with Favrit has resulted in increased sales, streamlined processes, and reduced operational costs. Before using Favrit, they worked with 7-8 different Point of Sale (POS) card terminals – now they have only one. This has made operations easier for all staff. They were initially concerned about how purchases through Favrit would affect tips, but they now see that it has remained stable.

The ability to quickly adjust and update the digital menu allows Delicatessen to more easily sell the items they want and provide more relevant food/drink recommendations to customers. This flexibility in the Favrit system has led to an increase in the average order size, allowing customers to enjoy a good meal with suitable drinks.


  • Estimated 5–10% increase in sales/revenue over one year
  • More table settings
  • Sustained tips