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Now that you're here:
Let's create the world's easiest way to enjoy food and drinks.

The ordr-way
Ordr is far more than a QR-code. We are an amazing team that strives to give restaurants and guests the easiest dining experience ever. We want people to spend less time waiting for the waiter and more time on the things that matter – socialising and enjoying their food and drinks. With Ordr the wine magically appears when you want it, and the waiter can spend more time assuring that their customers are happy, while they are getting feedback, improving their operational efficiency and increasing their profits.

Our strong focus on creating the best customer experiences for both restaurants and the end user has given us extreme growth, and allowed us to expand from 4 employees to more than 35 in a short period of time. We have recruited the most amazing people that have a various background from companies such as Google, Expedia, Knowit, Planday, Coop and TINE, and are looking to grow even more!
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