Favrit partner network

Collaborate with neighbouring bars and restaurants
Favrit has created a unique feature that allows you to offer food and drinks from nearby places. This is shown directly in your own digital menu. What you previously identified as a competing business can now become a partner, and together you increase your revenue.

Everything in one menu
Your guests will not notice there are several menus. All the sections you decide to add from neighbouring businesses, will be placed and shown like existing sections in your menu. Clear and simple!

Revenue is automatically split
Once a payment is completed, the system splits the bill and makes sure all locations get the correct amount. This happens right away. The order is registered as usual in your dashboard.
How it works
30% of all our customers use the partner network. Here are some examples of how it is used
Offer food so that guests do not disappear when they are hungry.
Offer food not only to guests, but also to people at neighbouring places
Offer a wider selection of food, at all hours.
Let the guests buy the city's best coffee from the neighbouring barista when having dessert
Lets get you started!
Let us know the name of the place you wish to collaborate with. They are not an ordr customer at the moment? No worries - we´ll contact them and have everything set up
Name of your venue
Name of place you plan to collaborate with
Your e-mail
Your phone number

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