The Favrit power!

All features are developed to make it easier for you and your customers. Are we missing any? Please let us know!
Virtual POS
Digital POS-system. Get easily started for free.
Digital menus
Simple, dynamic, and requires no training.
QR code payment
Quick and easy ordering and payment. Pay with mobile, card, cash or charge it to your room (hotels).
Flexible serving
Serve at the table, a pick-up point, a conference room, a specific seat number, or a hotel room.
Discount vouchers
Easily make discount vouchers that you can offer to your most loyal customers.
Industry-leading dashboard to help you optimise planning and operations.
Team up with the neighbouring restaurant or bar
Offer your consumers what they want by selling products from nearby places. Keeps them at your venue, increasing revenue.
Accounting integration
A practical and time-saving automatic flow from Favrit to an accounting system.
Use your own equipment
Download the Favrit app to an iPad or other iOS-device and start selling.
ePOS solution for waiters
Makes it easy for your team to provide traditional service while giving great recommendations and menu insights to your guests.
Traditional payment
Upgrade your checkout system to Favrit, and offer traditional cash and card payments.
Inventory management
Coming soon
Get a complete overview of inventory.
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