Decreasing costs and increasing revenue while optimising the customer experience

We save on costs while we increase sales – it is a win-win. Favrit is the future for customer experiences at restaurants.
— Erik Tronbol, CEO
For over 20 years, Delicatessen has been bringing Norway the best local ingredients in combination with the best food and wine from Spain. Their tapas can be found across five locations, where customers know they can rely on a friendly atmosphere and quality experience served right alongside their food. They partnered with Favrit as early adopters of the ever-shifting digital landscape, hoping to optimise operations while enhancing the customer experience.

Delicatessen was one of the first to partner with Favrit in 2019, driving one of the first pilots in their Fredrikstad beer garden. When COVID shutdowns hit Norway in March 2020 and infection control became a priority, they had to figure out how to move forward and maintain business with reduced capacity. The only tactical way was to go 'all in' with Favrit – a full rollout to all Delicatessen locations (outside and inside) with their entire menu.

Delicatessen's partnership with Favrit has resulted in an increase in sales with reduced and simplified operational costs and processes. Prior, they were working with 7–8 POS (Point of Sale) channels – now they have only one, which is primarily used for corporate invoices. This has simplified operations for the staff, who were also happy to see continuity in tips when customers order and pay for their food through Favrit.

Being able to easily adjust and update the digital menu allows Delicatessen to move through inventory more purposefully, and they can better recommend additional items customers might like. This has led to an overall increase in average order size, and customers are able to enjoy a well-rounded meal with complementary dishes and drinks.

  • Estimated 5–10% increase in sales/turnover over the course of a year
  • 90% reduction in use of POS channels (card terminals)
  • 85% of sales processed through Favrit
  • Tip continuity throughout
Average Delicatessen customer rating of Favrit
All restaurants should use Favrit!
– Delicatessen Customer

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