Handle cash with Favrit

In addition to the information found here, you should also check confluence for the following for the absolute latest details and internal information
Updated by product on a day-to-day basis
What is supported
Everything that ePOS does today
Open bill orders
Direct sale orders
Unibill orders
Updates to reporting
Scope of offering v1.0
This is included in the first version of cash drawer
Favrit ePOS app on an ipad
Taking cash payments and registering refunds via cash
Starmicronic cash drawer named mPOP
What is NOT supported + known limitations
See confluence
Adding Cash Sales Transactions (with order lines) towards Accounting Integration
Adding Cash Desposit / Withdrawal towards Accounting Integration
a. Not automating towards Accounting Integration. We limit our control to cash-sales alone
How to handle mismatch in calculated vs. real amount in cash-drawer (cash reconciliation)
a. Not dealing with avstemming. We let the customer deal with manually. But we aid that process by providing updates in the Daily Summary (And adding a timestamp to when the summary is generated).
User guide: How to use cash-drawer with ePOS
Cash demo