Team summer presents
A project with the goal of using ratings to help our customers provide guests with an even better on-site experience... with a few derailments along the way.
Problem statement
Feedback is king
Untapped potential and inconsistency regarding the rating system lead to the following identified problems:

  • Ambiguous wording
  • Unutilized potential
  • Premature ratings

Our Solutions
Create more engagement
Utilize rating-data better
Work towards the North ☆

Work process
We have worked towards our goal over seven weeks and gone through six different phases.
1. Discover
2. Define
3. Design
4. Build
5. Iterate
6. Deliver

Experiments and Releases
Week 1-2
Redesigning the stars into emojis

We assumed the use of emojis would create increased engagement with guests. We believed that it is easier to relate to emotions compared to stars. We also thought that the increase in colors would draw more attention towards the rating.

User testing at Oslo Street Food

  • Different colors:
    • Blue as the best color
    • Favrit colors
    • Traffic light colors
  • Different expressions
  • Other versions with only one color and only outline marked
Week 3
Redesigning the rating into three categories

Including taking responsibility of the confirmation page and user testing at Vippa
Week 4

The "New Order" button was redesigned and elements in the Order Details box were rearranged, and a collapsible function was added.

User testing at Delicatessen

This user test was valuable to gain insights into what the users liked in this version of the page and insight into some pain points in the redesigned elements.

Week 5
Redesigning rating section to modal, adjustments based on feedback
Testing collaboration at Delicatessen
In week 5, we had an internal testing of the collaboration feature with Ordr employees. We tested four scenarios which alternated between which part that was opening the bill and which part that closed it. The scenarios consisted of:

  • Guest opening and closing bill
  • Waiter opening and closing bill
  • Guest opening the bill and waiter closing the bill
  • Waiter opening the bill and guest closing the bill

Week 6
Register rating on each click

Snap up unfinished ratings by registering it on initial click and let the user finish at any time.

We also used what we learned from the accessibility courses in Rocket Fuel to fix the accessibility issues in the confirmation page. The page is now easier to use for people using screen readers and keyboard navigation.

A/B Testing
We successfully conducted two A/B tests: one collapsed vs expanded Order Details boxand a modal vs static Rating box.
Our hypothesis is that the more interactive modal version generates the most valuable feedback, but we wanted to see the effect from both of them and therefore conducted A/B testing on both on them.
Week 7
Display new rating data in admin
Change top rating from "what can we improve" to "what did you enjoy most"

To increase the value of ratings for customers we've implemented a new admin feedback dashboard to display all the new rating data we are collection.
In collaboration with Team Marketing we also changed the focus of the top rating from what users disliked to what users liked. We think this can be valuable as a selling point for both restaurants and Ordr.
User testing Admin at Oslo Street Food

Yesterday, we user tested the feedback dashboard and interviewed the different food stalls at OSF. The insight will help Ordr utilize feedback to the benefit of our customers.

Emoji animations

We also animated the rating emojis as an attempt to draw more attention and create more engagement.
Image from Gyazo
Rating from the receipt

As a bonus, we managed to add the possibility for rating from the ordr receipt

Final product
After seven weeks of hard work we are proud to present the final product, consisting of a revamp of the confirmation page and a whole new feedback dashboard in admin. The ratings have increased from 1,88% of all orders the week before we started, to 4,09% this week.

Vision moving forward
Everything we'd love to do, but couldn't do or didn't have time for
Product rating
Showing ratings on
User integration

Out of scope
  • Feedback dashboard in internal for Ordr ratings
  • Interaction between collaboration feature and rating
  • Investigate the possibilities of "Send receipt by email"
  • Investigate user testing with Hotjar
  • Add the point of time for tracking of the rating and show it in admin
  • Investigate opportunities for collaboration with waiters at the place of service
  • Filters for the different categories in Power BI
  • The guest can choose to leave contact information when rating
  • Button to verify order on confirmation page. Updates delivered status in the order log, and vice versa
  • Accessibility improvements in feedback dashboard - shades, patterns, and whitespace to distinguish the sections of the rating summary donut chart

What we have learned
  • Lean Startup methodology
  • Working in cross-functional teams
  • Working data-driven
  • Communication with and learning from real users
“The impossible is just something that has not been done yet."
— Edwin Fjeldtvedt
But most importantly...
“You can get full on beer, but you can't get drunk on oatmeal"
— Eirik Hamnvik
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