Talk: "AWS Well Architected for Startups: Setting the stage for hyper-growth"
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Who are we?
We're Favrit, a tech company with the vision of redefining the hospitality industry and creating the best guest experience. We're doing this by utilising the technologies that's available, as well as building and hosting our services on AWS.

With a combination of AWS native services along our Kubernetes clusters hosted on EKS we are running about 20 backend micro services, 45 lambdas and 7 frontends to empower our users through our product. We're based out of Norway, and are operational in Denmark, Sweden and the UK as well.
We're hiring!
We have gone from startup to a scale-up in less than one year, growing from 4 to 96 employees across five countries, and have even bigger aspirations for the future
We do things a bit differently. We don't believe in corporate nonsense, old-fashioned hierarchy or people hiding behind fancy titles. At Favrit you will find no managers micro-managing or directors directing you on what to do. Instead, we empower small, cross-functional teams to take ownership of our product development, from idea to launch and operation. We're always looking for people to join our amazing team, so please head over to
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Pål-Magnus Slåtto
Team Lead - Infrastructure & Security
We're happy to answer any questions you might have!

The Favrit power!

All features are developed to make it easier for you and your customers. Are we missing any? Please let us know!
Virtual POS
Digital POS-system. Get easily started for free.
Digital menus
Simple, dynamic, and requires no training.
QR code payment
Quick and easy ordering and payment. Pay with mobile, card, cash or charge it to your room (hotels).
Flexible serving
Serve at the table, a pick-up point, a conference room, a specific seat number, or a hotel room.
Discount vouchers
Easily make discount vouchers that you can offer to your most loyal customers.
Industry-leading dashboard to help you optimise planning and operations.
Team up with the neighbouring restaurant or bar
Offer your consumers what they want by selling products from nearby places. Keeps them at your venue, increasing revenue.
Accounting integration
A practical and time-saving automatic flow from Favrit to an accounting system.
Use your own equipment
Download the Favrit app to an iPad or other iOS-device and start selling.
Solution for waiters
Coming soon
Open tab allows both the waiter and the guest to place an order – splitting the bill has never been easier.
Traditional payment
Coming soon
Upgrade your checkout system to Favrit, and offer traditional cash and card payments.
Inventory management
Coming soon
Get a complete overview of inventory.
Want to give us a try?
Talk to our UK team to find out more about how Favrit can work for your venue

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