The future of profitability and good customer experience

As regulations ease and restaurants and bars reopen, here are the
5 primary reasons our customers are choosing ordr
Decreased costs and
increased revenue
Due to ordr's efficiency, customers have been able to minimise their operational costs while increasing their revenue.
We save on costs while we increase sales – it is a win-win. ordr is the future for customer experiences at restaurants.
— Erik Tronbol, Delicatessen
Optimised and focused sales with the digital menu
With ordr's digital menu, customers have been able to easily update and restructure the menu to focus their sales, allowing for quicker inventory sell through.
If the staff are feeling that one beer is going to be very low, they're excited to sell that beer out – change the line off and put something new on that will attract new customers. I'll get to work, and go 'Why did that beer sell so fast? We've been having trouble pushing that.' And they'll say, 'It was low, so I rearranged the menu and we sold it all out in one night.'
— Piers Laverick, Lervig Local
Valuable day-to-day insights
ordr's dashboard has allowed customers to better gather day-to-day insights—why guests are coming in, what and how much they're ordering, and more.
The dashboard is fantastic – being able to see the average spend per guest and the amount of orders per guest gives us an idea as to why people are coming (are they dropping in for just a quick beer, or has it become a day-long thing). Combined with the booking system we use, this gives us a really interesting overview as to how the business is operating on a day-to-day basis.
— Piers Laverick, Lervig Local
Increased flexibility
With ordr, customers have increased flexibility in balancing service and optimising the guest experience—they go where they are needed most, and let ordr handle to rest.
Often, Scandinavians aren't overly interested in chatting with bartenders – they don't mind it, but are just as happy to pluck a few buttons and have a beer delivered to their table. Sometimes people just want to order a Pils and be left alone, you know?

But you also do get people who prefer table service – looking for recommendations and the more interactive craft beer experience. ordr allows us to do both. Being able to interact where we're needed – recommend things and then walk away – is very handy, as it allows us to cover more space.

— Piers Laverick, Lervig Local
Happier guests
Customers have seen an increase in tips and an increase in guest satisfaction—no waiting in lines, no order mix-ups, and no waiting for the bill.
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The future of ordr according to our customers
Piers Laverick
Bar Manager - Lervig Local
I'll split the shift into two parts: one bartender for people at the bar, and one bartender set just for Ordr. And then one staff member on hosting. So instead of having multiple staff members running to tables every 5 seconds, you only really need one person—if Ordr is pulling the majority of the weight—to provide the guest experience and have people served at the bar. Ordr will save a lot of money and keep revenue flowing, even after the pandemic—there's a level of efficiency to it that just can't be beat.
Erik Tronbol
CEO - Delicatessen
I think restaurants need ordr-type initiatives to improve customer satisfaction and reinvent themselves. For thousands of years everyone has done things exactly the same way. Now when the rest of society is moving on with new technology, improving lives, simplifying and enhancing customer satisfaction, we need to do so, as well.
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