ePOS from Favrit

We're revolutionising the way you run your food and drink service with our unique guest experience platform.
Handle orders the Favrit way
Why restaurants and bars will love Favrit ePOS v1
Favrit ePOS is cloud based and connected to all our services
Connect to the features you need and get started. Spend time on enhancing the guest experience
Reduce time on adminstrative work
Favrit is super easy to use and requires very little training.
Real-time update of menu: Optimize sales at all times
All your employees can easily optimize sales by adjusting the menu. With our product library you also get high quality photos and descriptions - directly from the suppliers
Runs on all devices (like iPad and tablets) – No need for any heavy investment
With Favrit there is no need for heavy investments.
All services connected
We are building the one system you need - where all services and features are connected.
All features with dark copy are connected to the Favrit ePOS, while the light purple is not yet connected.
ePOS - Interface
ePOS v1 gives you a fast and user-friendly way of taking orders over the counter


Which terminals can I use?
FAVRIT ePOS is integrating with external bank terminals to start with - but soon we will support internal terminals
What are the next features to be added?
Pay with integrated card terminal (Adyen), Multipay (Adyen), Table service and Unity - more to be added
With v1 - what will be a common setup?
iPad app with BarWaiter + printer + external card terminal + waiter app on the phone
What is the adresseable market in all markets?
How do set this up for a Pilot?
Simply follow the guidelines here
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